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Heavy Metal is alive and..

       Heavy Metal is alive and well. It may not be as popular in the mainstream as it was in the early nineties and eighty's which is a good thing to any true follower of metal. I am a metal head and proud of it,i am glad metal is not popular in the mainstream. That is part of its appeal to me. Only people who are truly in to the music listen to true heavy metal. How many people do you know talk about how they were into Slayer once when it was popular, I don't know a single person like that. When it comes to metal you are either there or your not and that is the way it should be.

       Metal will never die because people don't get into it because it is popular. People listen to metal because it says something to them, they feel it.Its an outlet for all there frustration with there jobs, families, girl friends and life in general. For me metal is part of who i am, I'm not my job or my car. I dress in black and listen to heavy music and F..K you i won't do what you tell me.

Written by Aaron Bathe

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