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Heavy metal getting bad name..

       I'm a Metal Head and proud of it. I am so tired of metal getting a bad name. Other than the unfortunate situation when "Dimebag" was killed, I have never heard of any incidents happening at a metal show. There have been plenty of incidents after rap shows in the past year though. Until I met my husband ten years ago I wasn't really into metal, although I did like AC/DC, KISS and Queen. I often thought that it was just noise until I listened to Iron Maiden for the first time. "Seventh Son of the Seventh Son" absolutely blew me away. The vocal talents of Bruce Dickenson were - and still are - incredible. Even my mother couldn't deny his vocal abilities.Whether metal is your taste or not, you can't argue with the musical talent of some of these bands. The members play tightly and the vocals are incredible. There is some growling and yelling, but that is not the majority of the song.

       Admittedly, metal is not for everyone; however it is a genre of music where everyone is welcomed. I love all genres of metal; industrial, death, thrash and black. I love Ministry, Sepultura, Soulfly, and old Metallica. My favorite bands these days are the ones to come out of the Noridc countries. Opeth from Sweden and Marduk and Immortal from Norway. Yes, they sing about dark things, even evil things, but it is more than that. There is a sense belonging to something amazing when you listen to this music. This is not to say that all the musicians in metal are choirboys, but not all of them are destroying property or worshipping Satan either. My husband and I saw Opeth a couple of years ago and we took our son (then four) to meet the band. He is an absolute Metal Head. He only wants to listen to metal and has even created his own band name - "Skeletons of the Dark". He wasn't able to go into the concert, but he did get to meet Michael, the lead singer for Opeth. Michael spent almost ten minutes hanging out with my son and talking to him. This proved to me two things: 1) Not everyone is out there just for the money. 2) It is possible for metal musicians to be down-to-earth and even kind. I would say that this aptly describes those of us who listen to metal as the vast majority of the people I have met at concerts are really cool. You get to become part of a brotherhood, even if it's just for a couple of hours. I don't know that this is the case with any other genre of music.

Written by Meghan French

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